Two weeks before the official release of Super Smash Bros Ultimate, it seems that copies of the game have been leaked and are making their rounds online, though it seems the leaks origins are still unknown. Information regarding the game’s adventure mode, Spirits systems, and musical soundtrack have also made their way across YouTube, Reddit, and 4Chan so be careful looking anything up related to the game on those platforms.

In an article published on Motherboard JJB, an administrator for a popular Switch piracy community, stated that for pirated Switch games this is the biggest one yet. JJB also demonstrated the legitimacy of the leak by providing video of specific character and stages to Motherboard. Four other sources also told Motherboard that pirates had leaked smash.

Smash has been prone to rumors since its announcement, recently there was even a “leak” indicating that Banjo Kazooie was going to be in the game. Of course this turned out to be false, too good to be true it seems.  Still, it’s disappointing to see the most preordered Smash game in franchise history get leaked so close to launch date. “2 weeks early for a game like Smash is insane for a public leak,” JJB stated.

It’s not certain whether the leak came from a pre-release code from journalists or early releases of the game. There have been rumors that retailers in Mexico have sold the copies early, though this is unconfirmed. Nintendo is doing their best to contain the leak, hitting multiple YouTube channels uploading leaked content with copyright claims. Many channels are being shut down entirely.


Author: Kevin Kerr




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