Another Nintendo Direct is coming tomorrow September 6th at 3pm PT/6 pm ET that will be focusing on future titles for the Nintendo Switch and 3DS.

Nintendo’s twitter account made the announcement about the 35 minute direct via twitter.

The direct will most likely have new information about Super Smash Bros Ultimate and other future games such as the new Fire Emblem game and the upcoming Diablo III Eternal Collection. In addition to these games, the Nintendo Switch Online Service and the remaining unannounced NES titles that will launch with the online service are also easy targets for the direct to cover. Stay tuned for more information to get dropped tomorrow.



After a large earthquake in Hokkaido, Japan, Nintendo has decided to delay this weeks planned Nintendo direct. A new time and date will be announced. As for now, from everyone here at BTN, we hope everyone in Hokkaido stays safe and help is quickly provided to those who need it.


Author: Kevin “Otterpop” Kerr/Albert “Beartoe” Hellebuick


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