Nintendo live streamed their Super Smash Bros Direct this morning and here are some new things we can look forward to for Super Smash Bros Ultimate:

Two Castlevania characters are joining the fight. Richter and Simon Belmont are taking a break from vampire hunting and joining smash bros. Alucard will show up as an assist trophy, he can be attacked and KO’d but will be very difficult to defeat. Dracula will also be appearing in the game, but it wasn’t clear what will trigger his appearance.

A new type of character will also appear in game. Introducing “Echo Fighters” who will be semi-clones of other characters who have the same move-sets with slight differences.

Chrom and Dark Samus are joining the fight as echo fighters, based of other characters. Chrom who could be an “echo” of a number of the Fire Emblem characters (my vote is Ike) and Dark Samus will “echo” Samus.

DK’s longtime rival, King K.Rool, is joining the battle as a new playable character.

There are many returning stages as well as many new stages which brings 103 stages total to Ultimate. Included with the stages are stage morphing and there are almost 900 music choices for the stages. Music that can be listened to on handheld mode like an mp3 player.

There are new and returning game modes as well including Tournament mode and the new “Smash Down” mode. (If you choose a character, you will not be able to use them in the next round)

Bosses are back and one big one is flying in. The Rathalos from Monster Hunter will be appearing as a boss AND as an assist trophy. This is the first character in history to appear as both.

This is only our initial coverage of the direct and will be taking time to really go over the direct in detail so be sure and follow Beartoenation to get all the details and keep an eye for a an update to the story.


Author: Albert “Beartoe” Hellebuick





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