IGN recently took down their review for Dead Cells following plagiarism accusations from a YouTube channel by the name of Boomstick Gaming.

The review by Filip Miucin has been removed from the website and replaced with this statement:

 “As a group of writers and creators who value our own work and that of others in our field, the editorial staff of IGN takes plagiarism very seriously. In light of concerns that have been raised about our Dead Cells review, we’ve removed it for the time being and are investigating.”

Boomstick Gaming posted a video on the channel titled “IGN Copied my Dead Cells Review: What do I do?” Where he shows clips from his own review alongside clips from IGN’s review. After watching the video, it’s hard to deny the similarities between the two reviews. While a few of the phrases are changed up, it’s hard to ignore the comparison. For example:

Boomstick – In Dead Cells, you’ll need to kill your way through a labyrinth of levels all punctuated by boss encounters that starts off quite linear, but the more you play, the more routes and game mechanics will open up to you.”

Miucin – In Dead Cells, you fight your way through an ever changing labyrinth of levels with branching paths.”

Ok, maybe this could be a fluke, just some similar wording, but the clips go on to show more similarities:

Boomstick – “You might not be able to make it to the final boss on your current run, but if you can manage to salvage some blueprints for some new gear, or better yet, an ability altering rune, it makes it all worth your while, even if you can see your death just around the corner. This is the type of rouge-like that yeah sure, you could beat the boss on your first attempt, but you’re probably not going to and you’re not supposed to. 

Miucin- “You’re almost guaranteed not to make it all the way through on every run, but as your efforts lead you to blueprints that unlock new gear, it makes it all worth your while. 

At this point, it seems like IGN is simply condensing what Boomstick has already said, but maybe you could argue it’s similarity? (That’s a big maybe) But this next comparison is hard to refute:

Boomstick – “This combat system is fast, fluid, responsive, and one of the most rewarding representations of 2D combat of the entire genre.”

Miucin – “Fights are fast, fluid, responsive, and hands down one of the most gratifying representations of video game combat I’ve ever experienced.”

As the video goes on, it’s more difficult not to see where Miucin’s review is clearly plagiarizing Boomstick Gaming’s review of Dead Cells.

Boomstick went to twitter after Miucin tweeted about the review:


So far there has been no word from Miucin or IGN about the allegations, but with the review being taken down, they are at least aware of the situation.

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Apparently, this is not the first time IGN has been accused of not giving credit to a smaller creator.

Gamnesia.com posted an article claiming they were the first to report that Final Fantasy XV would be delayed. IGN allegedly copied info from Gamnesia’s post as well as using their images without giving the site any kind of credit. After reaching out to the writer, they were told that he was given instructions NOT to source the site and instead source Kotaku, due to Gamnesia’s small influence at the time. To quote Ben Lamoreux, that is “disgusting reasoning.”

After a lot of back and forth on twitter, IGN’s Executive Editor, Andrew Goldfarb, admitted to these allegations, apologizing for it “happening that way.” But, a two year old apology after being accused for doing the same thing doesn’t really hold a lot of weight.


Author: Albert “Beartoe” Hellebuick


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