With the end of July comes the newest additions to Xbox’s Games with Gold program. This month there are four new games going in rotation:

  • Forza Horizon 2 (Aug 1 – Aug 30) Xbox One
  • For Honor (Aug 16 – Sep 15) Xbox One
  • Dead Space 3 (Aug 1 – Aug 15) Xbox 360
  • Disney Epic Mickey 2 (Aug 16 – Aug 31) Xbox 360

Forza Horizon 2 is a part of Microsoft’s open-world racing franchise and represents a good way to get your speed fix before the newest iteration of the series launches in October. For Honor is melee combat focused multiplayer game from Ubisoft where players take control of fighters from different historical factions then fight bots and other users in skill based combat. Ubisoft has a free update that will be released sometime this fall that will add in a new faction for player to hone their skills with.

Disney Epic Mickey 2 sees players take control of the glove wearing mouse as he fights with his magic paint brush to save the wasteland. On the very opposite end of the family friends spectrum is Dead Space 3. Dead Space 3 is the last installment in the game franchise and while the series is mostly known for its horror, this game takes a slightly different direction and tends to focus a bit more on action. Both of these games are co-op, though the experience they provide is vastly different. Be sure to grab all four games while they’re available.


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