Hiring a coach to help your child is far from unheard of. People hire sports coaches or put their child on a team all the time. But it seems that this act is now spreading into the digital world as parents have started hiring coaches for their children for Fortnite.

But when you look at the numbers, it’s not all that ridiculous. Looking at the last Fortnite tournament, which had a grand prize of $130,000, or when you look at streamers like Ninja who reported to make over $500,000 month it’s not hard to understand why parents would be investing in their children’s gaming career. Arguably, it’s no different than a pushing for their kid to become a pro athlete.

In fact recent studies show that it’s possible pro gamers may soon be earning more than pro athletes. While it’s still easy to see the gaming as a nichè subculture, it’s still the fastest growing entertainment industry in the  world; especially eSports. As it gains popularity, larger venues are used for events which bring in advertisers and media giants like Coca-Cola, Red Bull, and Samsung.

So the question is: Is getting a coach worth it? Well, if you’ve been thinking of hiring a coach for your kid or maybe you want to get one for yourself, either to compete or just to play alongside your child. It’s actually pretty simple to get started. Their are coaches all over social media. You can also visit sites such as Gamer Sensei and Bidvine. These sites claim over 1400 coaches have been hired since March. The rate will vary depending on the coach, but the average seems to be about $15-$20 per hour with the most expensive being about $50 per hour. And the investment seems to be worth it, as kids are reporting solo wins within the week when they weren’t able to get them before.

Maybe hiring a coach isn’t such a bad idea after all? But some think it’s absurd to hire a coach for a video game.


Author: Albert “Beartoe” Hellebuick




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