The new update for No Man’s Sky has made a ton of improvements to the game, but there’s one thing the update does that fans aren’t very happy about; the update is wiping players’ save files.

A number of players have found that when they attempt to load their game, their hours are logged properly, but their game starts from the beginning, instead of their latest save point. Attempting to load a previous save does not fix the issue. This seems to be affecting players across all platforms as well.

PC players do have a bit of an advantage. They have been able to work around the issue by editing their saves. But, unfortunately, there isn’t a fix for console players.

Reports of loading saves from an external save device seem to work, but only physical devices such as a USB drive. Loading from the cloud will not correct the issue.

No response has been made by Hello Games as of yet.

While players were excited about the new update, No Man’s Sky already has an unpopular past, so it will be interesting to see how Hello Games goes about handling this situation. Keep an eye out for an update as we continue to follow this story.


Author: Albert “Beartoe” Hellebuick 



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