The Uncharted series has faced its share of issues in its attempt to make it to the big screen. Writers and directors have come and gone from the project with the latest iteration seeing Tom Holland attached to play the younger version of the series protagonist Nathan Drake. Throughout the process of Sony trying to get this project off the ground, fans of the series have made their desire well known to see actor Nathan Fillion play the title role. Meanwhile, Fillion seems to be one of the biggest fans of this idea.


Fortunately, Canadian writer and director Allan Ungar and Fillion took matters into their own hands and delivered a heartfelt Uncharted fan film. Neither Sony nor Naughty Dog, developer of the Uncharted series, have endorsed the film.  However, that doesn’t mean the 14 minute film is anything less than amazing. Nathan Fillion fits the role like Ryan Reynolds fits Deadpool and the action closely follows the game franchise – though the enemies aren’t as bullet spongey.


Fans of the series will love this touching tribute to the franchise almost as much as the developers loved making it. “This is something I’ve wanted to do, but more importantly, something I’ve wanted to see for a long time,” Fillion states. “Thank you, Allan Ungar, for letting us all scratch this itch. Thank you, Naughty Dog, for creating such a wonderful archetype.”


Author: Kevin “Otterpop” Kerr 


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