A possible leak has been floating around the internet of the list of games to be announced by Nintendo at E3 today.


Twitter user @mankvill posted a supposed list from Nintendo. This image has been floating around, rumored to be the list of announcements from Nintendo.

With big titles like Metroid Prime 4 and Bayonetta 3, fans were obviously excited. But, there’s something on the list that seems a bit out of place. A closer look at the list reveals a game that may indicate the whole thing is a fake.


Towards the bottom of the list is the game Warioware: Shove It Up Your Own Ass Game. Now, let’s go ahead and ignore the fact that a game title like that probably wouldn’t ever fly, especially from a company like Nintendo. Look at the presenter: Chad Warden.

A quick google search will show that Chad Warden is an old YouTube troll. This is likely a reference to the same troll, thus debunking this rumor.

That being said, it’s very possible this is also mislead. The list could very well be real with one line edited, just to make people think it’s fake. Or it could be the opposite? #ReversePsychology?

Either way, we’ll find out soon enough at today’s Nintendo E3 conference, going live at 9 AM PST.

Author: Albert “Beartoe” Hellebuick 


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