It’s fair to say, this game had a HORRIBLE launch. A prime example of why it’s never a good idea to pre-order a game from a developer when you aren’t certain it’s going to push out a solid, as-promised release. I remember my own judgement being clouded by the insane amount of hype that surrounded this ambitious and beautiful game, and I pre-ordered it without a second thought.

Come release time, I had many, many second thoughts. It was a very beautiful game, I’ll give it that, but beyond that, the game was just a sandbox-game in space, stripped of any of the complexities that were originally expected. To put it bluntly; the game was boring.

Among the let downs in the game, was the multiplayer. While there were other players in the game, the chances of running into another player were slim to none. The universe in the game is essentially infinite, with planets generated at random. So you can forget about running into other players, much less teaming up with a friend.

This is finally going to change. Now, to their credit, Hello Games has not stopped improving the game and has added everything from quality of life changes to an expansion that allows you to build bases for yourself. They recently announced that they are implementing a REAL multiplayer aspect.

In an Article from Kotaku, they confirm that the Indie developer plans to create a true online multiplayer for the game. You can join friends, bump into random players, and team up to play pirate and loot other plays.

I remember being almost offended that I bought the game, but it seems like the company has really turned itself around and is treating the players right. A rare thing in today’s industry.


Author: Cailean “Caily Llama” Veach


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