Battle Royale mode seems to be all the rage in the video game industry nowadays with the two kings of the genre being PUBG and Fortnite. PUBG was the first to hit the scene with this particular game mode. In PUBG’s case, it’s the ONLY game mode. However Fortnite has recently taken the crown away from PUBG as the most popular game with battle royale. There has even been speculation from the gaming community, notably Youtuber LegacyKillaHD, that the reason Red Dead Redemption 2 was hit with its most recent delay was to include a battle royale mode. However a new challenger approaches, announced earlier it seems that Black Ops 4 will also be jumping onto the battle royale bandwagon.

At the Black Ops 4 reveal event, Treyarch announced that their battle royale mode would be called “Blackout” and would be available at launch. No need to worry about elbow room in this mode either as the map size is 1,500 times larger than the average Call of Duty map. An interesting feature of this mode is that the map will integrate different multiplayer maps into its own as well as allow playable characters from all previous Black Ops games including those in the Zombies mode. Land, sea, and air vehicles will also be available, though currently it is unclear as to what degree they’ll be integrated. Blackout currently has an unspecified player count, will feature weapons and tools from Black Ops multiplayer and Zombies, and no news as to how the party feature will work within this mode.


Author: Kevin “Otter Pop” Kerr


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