Earlier this week we reported on rumors of a possible leak of a new Xbox controller. Well last night a tweet confirmed these rumors.


James Shields is the Product Marketing Manager for new Xbox accessories. The tweet included multiple pictures of the new Adaptive Controller and a link to the original post on the Xbox news website.

The original post by Phil Spence, Head of Xbox, goes into depth about the new controller. The new control system was designed specifically for those with limited mobility with feedback from the accessibility community. The Xbox Adaptive Controller has a large white base unit with a few buttons and large pads on it. But where this new controller really shines is the accessibility. The back of the controller has room for extra joystick and button inputs that can be customized through the plugs or through an app.

The controller will be out “later this year” and will cost $100. Check out the original post for a full rundown of the controller and if you want to see it in action check out this video Xbox uploaded:

This is truly an innovative and inclusive move by Microsoft. Gaming is about bringing people together and that’s exactly what this controller is doing.


Author: Albert “Beartoe” Hellebuick


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