The Nintendo Switch has been getting tons of love from Nintendo and third party companies alike! With big name releases, plenty of third party support, and a plethora of hardware add-ons, including their recently released Nintendo Labo. Since the console is nothing short of a masterpiece, boasted as the fastest selling video game console of all time early this year. Nintendo and the community want to keep that ball rolling.

Today, the Switch community is treated again with the announcement of the Taiko Drum Master controller for the switch! This comes as an unexpected and happy surprise to myself, and surely, it packs a nostalgic shock to those that remember the DK Bongo controller. This is just another member of the fast growing ecosystem of software and hardware that the Switch has been able to foster and it is surely not the last.

Release is set for July 19th with a Japan-only release. As of now, there is no word of a US release but hey, if you can’t wait, there’s always international shipping.

This controller comes just in time for the Dark Souls remastered release but I am sure I don’t need to go into that…

As a side note, the controller comes with couple of bottle holders, and that is just perfect.


Author: Cailean “Caily Llama” Veach


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