It seems that the closer E3 gets the more likely things tend to be leaked, with this year proving to be no different. This particular leak targets an alleged new controller from Microsoft.

Walking Cat, someone known for leaking Microsoft material, put out the tweet below without any wording for context:


The controller has a headphone jack as well as USB port on its side as well as the menu buttons and d-pad on its face. At the top of the controller you can see the engraved functions of a normal controller as well as the Xbox symbol. The main focus of the controller seems to be the two large pads on its face that take up most of the controller’s real-estate. It seems that one can map specific functions to these pads so the focus of the controller seems to be accessibility.

Microsoft has yet to address this supposed leak so until an official announcement is made it would be best to take this with a pinch of salt. Keep in mind the Nintendo Switch had a supposed leak of the controller months before Nintendo revealed anything; however that leak turned out to be false once the Switch was officially announced. As E3 approaches more information may be dropped, but until then this is just a rumor.


Author: Kevin “Otter Pop” Kerr


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