When the Nintendo Switch was still generating headlines after its initial reveal many people were speculating as to whether or not the Virtual Console would make its way to the Nintendo’s newest iteration of hardware; the answer, it seems, is no. In an email to Kotaku, a Nintendo spokesman said that there are currently no plans to bring back classic games under the umbrella of the Virtual Console banner.

However, it doesn’t seem as this indicates that Nintendo is uninterested in re-releasing older games, with the revelation that the Switch’s online service will launch with a library of 20 NES games in a Netflix/Hulu like service. The spokesman also went on to say that other methods of releasing classic games may come via the Switch eShop or as packaged collections. Virtual Console was a staple for Nintendo since 2006 with it appearing on three different platforms, Wii, 3DS, and Wii U. Though there were odd inconsistencies as not all games appeared on all available platforms, Final Fantasy VI being a noteworthy example.

So it appears that the Virtual Console brand is what is ending rather than older games themselves. Nintendo seems to be using the opportunity to revamp their treatment of their robust library of classics, such as adding new features like online play and voice chat. It is worth pointing out that just because the Switch won’t utilize the Virtual Console brand doesn’t mean that it is being taken away completely. Support will remain, however the Wii will lose access to it next year though that is because Nintendo is shutting down the Wii Shop Channel. This also spells trouble for fans of the rumor detailing GameCube Games coming to the Switch via Virtual Console; they could re-release them through an alternative method, whether they capitalize on that remains to be seen. With E3 right around the corner people should reserve any judgments into the validity of this rumor.


Author: Kevin “Otter Pop” Kerr


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