Stress tests have been announced for the Dark Souls Remastered edition. The client weighs in at 3GB and can be downloaded on consoles from today, May 1st, till May 8th 11:59pm PT.

While UK and Australian specific time windows have yet to be announced, both Xbox and PlayStation owners in the Americas can enjoy tests scheduled for May 11th and 12th occurring between 6pm PT/9 pm ET and 11:59 pm PT/2:59 am ET. So prepare a soft landing zone for your controller after the rage quit, Eastern Time Zone players might want to grab a Red Bull or two.

Unfortunately the Nintendo Switch test has been pushed back to the summer, along with the Switch edition and Solaire amiibo.

The Japanese Dark Souls site posted this information earlier today and was later translated by Siliconera. Both Xbox and PlayStation versions are due for launch on May 25th. No release date has been provided thus far for the Nintendo Switch version.


Author: Kevin “Otter Pop” Kerr


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