A recent Nintendo Switch hack has been revealed that allows users to run homebrew software on their Nintendo Switch Console. Team failOverflow shared a video of Linux running on the console the other day showing off how Linux can be used to run emulators.

A recent video shows a possible Dolphin GameCube emulator running on a hacked Nintendo Switch. The video shows The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker running on the emulator, though not entirely at full speed.

The hack is based on the Fusée exploit discovered by Kate Termin. This vulnerability is found in most Tegra devices and cannot be fixed without a hardware revision. There is no word from Nintendo yet, but it is almost certain they will try to fix everything as soon as they can, considering the fact that running pirated software may hurt the console. (Remember the dreamcast?)

There is no doubt this exploit will be taken care of quickly, so if you’re hoping run homebrew on the console, you’ll probably want to get a Nintendo Switch as soon as you can. Not that we’re encouraging any form of hacking…


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