For anybody still doubting the growth of eSports, you might wanna check this out. The fast growing Twitch Streamer known as “Ninja” recently set another record on the streaming platform by hitting three million subscribers.

Now those that follow Ninja may be familiar with the controversy that has followed his exponential growth. Some going as far to claim subscriber bots have played a part. But even the skeptics can’t ignore that he has set the record for concurrent viewers of a solo streamer at 650,000. That’s more than any of the high profile tournaments.

His record breaking stream was no ordinary one, though. Ninja was joined in Fortnite by artists Drake, Travis Scott and even Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Juju Smith Schuster, among others.

You can check out the stream here. Drake joins around the 3-hour mark.

Despite how you may feel about Drake, there’s no denying his notoriety. For him and Ninja to connect through gaming goes on to prove not only the popularity of Fortnite, but of eSports, and video games overall. It’s all part of God’s Plan. Anyone? No?


Author: Albert “Beartoe” Hellebuick


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