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IGN Writer “Parts Ways” After Plagiarism Accusations

Former Nintendo Editor at IGN, Filip Miucin, has “Parted Ways” with the company according to a recent statement in a tweet from IGN: IGN's Statement on the Dead Cells review […]

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IGN Accused of Plagiarism

IGN recently took down their review for Dead Cells following plagiarism accusations from a YouTube channel by the name of Boomstick Gaming. The review by Filip Miucin has been removed from […]

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Fallout 76 Beta Progress Will Carry Over

The Fallout B.E.T.A FAQ states that when the beta launches in October, it will be the full game and all progress made will carry over into the official launch. The […]

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Epic Games Will Not Use The Google Play Store For Fortnite Mobile on Android

Fortnite seems to be taking an alternate route to reach consumers on Android devices. Rather than release the game via the Google Play Store, Epic Games has decided to release […]

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Parents Are Hiring Fortnite Coaches For Their Kids

Hiring a coach to help your child is far from unheard of. People hire sports coaches or put their child on a team all the time. But it seems that […]

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No Man’s Sky Update Deleting Save Files

The new update for No Man’s Sky has made a ton of improvements to the game, but there’s one thing the update does that fans aren’t very happy about; the update is […]

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Sony E3 Recap

Sony E3 Recap   Sony’s E3 can best be described as the perfect example of “show don’t tell”, as aside from the beginning there was very little talking. Instead Sony […]